Direct Market Touch

Direct Market Touch brings together close to 100 years of market experience to focus on providing a traditional and personal investment service to Private Clients, Trusts, and Charities. We pride ourselves on being wholly independent, and by not having to align our interests with any corporate clients, means that we can focus solely on providing bespoke advice to meet the investment objectives of our clients.

Our experienced team of investment managers construct balanced, diversified portfolios to meet your investment priorities, whether you are seeking income, growth, or capital preservation, whilst understanding your appetite for risk.

Our wide range of services includes research, where our in-house analysts publish regular trading ideas backed up by fundamental and technical analysis. In addition, our analysts also publish thorough analysis on IPOs, market commentary, and investment tutorials. Our research is available only to clients of DMT.

What Direct Market Touch believe in:

Using our Experience

With close to 100 years of experience, our team has built up connections that span the global market place, which ensures we are fully abreast of the global geopolitical and economic landscape, understanding how such developments could impact on markets and investments.

An Investment Philosophy Rooted In Value

At the heart of our approach to investment is a focus on value, and we adhere to principals of the father of stock analysis and value investing, Benjamin Graham. Accordingly our team will scrutinise a Company’s balance sheet, identifying assets that provide both a margin of safety, coupled with the potential for a re-rating once the market appreciates the hitherto ignored intrinsic value we have established.

We believe in people, and recognise that the pedigree of a Company’s board of directors is essential in determining its prospects. As such our research will also focus on key management, their track records, and ratios such as ROCE (return on capital employed). Such analysis enables us to evaluate the operational performance of a Company, which, when coupled with our other investment metrics, further enhances our confidence of achieving capital appreciation.

We also incorporate technical analysis into our investment approach, using certain metrics to support our fundamental analysis, as well as assisting with the timing of making investments.

A Straightforward Approach

We believe in nurturing relationships, which is why you will have your own investment manager to liaise with, so they can properly understand your goals and objectives, and have confidence in the investment decisions made. Fostering relationships builds trust, and we encourage our clients to meet their investment manager in person to build this bond.


At Direct Market Touch we have no corporate clients, which means we can be entirely impartial when making investment decisions. We are not obligated to write favourable research notes or raise capital for client companies, as we have none, and we value the independence and freedom this gives us.


We have an in-house team of analysts at DMT who prepare regular investment and trading ideas exclusively for clients. New clients are provided with login details to gain access to our research notes, which are designed to furnish clients with investment ideas, whilst also serving to support our decisions through detailing both fundamental and technical rationale.

Our research also focuses on investment themes, macroeconomic issues, and the global picture.

Utilising The Latest Information

With markets reacting at lightening speed to global events, our team are always on hand to react accordingly. Our investment hub has a number of screens broadcasting national and international news and investment channels, which ensures are team are kept on top of breaking stories.

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