Is ISDX the new AIM?

As Nick Goodway (London Evening Standard) rightly points out, It is now well over two years since Michael Spencer’s broking giant ICAP took over the junior stock market ‘Plus Markets’, which it renamed ISDX. Since then, junior markets have benefited from the abolition of stamp duty and the ability to put them in tax-efficient ISAs.

Mr Goodway goes on to suggest Junior markets are on the up and now could be the time for ISDX to create a real alternative to the Alternative Investment Market.

ISDX – about us
‘ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange (ISDX) is an equity market for small and medium sized companies who want to raise money from investors to finance and grow their businesses. It allows companies to come to the public markets for the first time to raise equity finance or existing listed companies to raise further finance’

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