Insider IPOs

Keep Missing Out On IPOs?

There is growing pressure on the financial industry to change the way a float occurs. Currently, strict financial rules mean a broker organising a float can only inform a certain number of people (“insiders”) about it before it gets underway. And in most cases many companies keep this information between 10 to 20 individuals who have a large pot of money to invest from. Not very fair is it? And it makes it very difficult for investors like you to take advantage of IPOs.

At DMT, we always want to help you get the best offer you can which is why we work with you to overcome this unfairness.

How Can You Become an “Insider”?

The time between a company contemplating an IPO to it being offered to the public is complicated and long. Your chances of getting early shares and becoming an “insider” on your own are slim. However, when you trade with DMT we can place an order on your behalf. This means that we essentially can become an “insider” for you, helping you get your sought-after initial share purchase.


For more information see our IPO Help Page or contact the DMT team today.