International Shares

For those investors seeking diversification away from UK based equities, an international share dealing account should be appealing. A DMT international share dealing account gives you the opportunity to invest in Companies on nine different international markets, providing you the opportunity to invest in fledgling and established companies worldwide.

International share dealing allows you to:

  • Develop a geographically diversified portfolio through investing in nine different international markets.
  • Gain exposure to countries at different stages of their economic lifecycle, from emerging economies to mature, established ones.
  • Hedge your portfolio through foreign exchange exposure, suitable for experienced investors with an understanding of currency fluctuation.
  • Extend your trading opportunities beyond UK market hours through trading markets around the clock.
  • Choose from a wider pool of companies to invest in that those listed on the London markets.

Potential Risks Through International Share Dealing:

We would caution investors to be aware of the following risks, amongst others, ahead of investing internationally:

  • Foreign exchange exposure could adversely affect your return in UK sterling currency.
  • International stockmarkets may trade less volume than those in the UK, meaning that a reduced liquidity could make it more difficult to sell shares you have bought.
  • Taxation in jurisdictions outside the UK could affect your return, with foreign countries potentially taking a larger amount of tax than you might be accustomed to in the UK.
  • Overseas shareholders may be treated differently when it comes to corporate actions such as Rights Issues.