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Our IPO section is updated daily in order to serve as the definitive source for information on new listings. Within this section you will find current IPOs that are underway, rumored listings, and recent IPOs.

DMT’s Approach To IPOs

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) provide investors with the opportunity of buying shares in a Company that will list on the stock exchange for the first time.

One of the main attractions with investing in IPOs is the opportunity for stagging, whereby investors can buy shares at the IPO offer price, and shortly after listing take a profit through selling their shares at a higher price.

Where demand for IPO shares is high and the offering is oversubscribed, investors will be scaled back and allocated a reduced number of shares. This has the effect of ensuring that the only way investors can increase their shareholdings is through buying shares directly from the market once the Company’s shares have commenced trading. In turn, such demand should see the share price move higher, thereby giving investors the opportunity to sell and lock in their profit. A recent and well-publicised example of this was with the IPO of Royal Mail plc.

The key to successful IPO investing includes an appraisal of a Company’s fundamentals, its proposed valuation relative to its listed peer group, its management team, group structure, historic and forecast growth, stability of its existing shareholder base, professional advisors, and the likely demand for shares at the IPO.

At Direct Market Touch our in-house team undertake thorough due diligence on IPO opportunities, with detailed research reports published for clients on both IPOs and the IPO market in general.

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