Online Share Dealing

The turn of century witnessed exponential growth in the popularity of online share dealing, and it now plays a central role in executing orders for investors and traders alike.

The key reasons for considering online share dealing are as follows:

  • Cost

    Online share dealing represents the cheapest form of execution-only investing. Its low charges are a result of bypassing the traditional way of investing through a stockbroker via the telephone, thus reducing the associated costs of a personal service. The DMT online share dealing service costs only £10 per trade, no matter the size.

  • Control

    Serving as an execution-only service leaves investment decisions with the individual. The increased amount of material available online has given many investors the confidence to make their own investment decisions, meaning that they only require an online execution-only share dealing service.

  • No minimum trade size

    The cost of traditional telephone dealing could be prohibitive to smaller trades, whereas the low costs of online share dealing ensure that fees do not represent such a meaningful sum of an investor’s trade. Accordingly, online share dealing is attractive for investors with a smaller pool of funds to invest.

  • No inactivity or maintenance fees

    We do not charge any inactivity or maintenance fees, meaning that there is no pressure to trade or invest regularly.

  • Access to the DMT research hub

    Opening an online share dealing account with DMT will give you access to our research hub, where you will find research notes with investment ideas, investment editorials, and tutorials, providing you with a wealth of information to assist your investment decisions.

We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have about the DMT online share dealing service. To speak with us, please complete the Request A Callback box on this page, or contact us

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Online Stocks and Shares ISA

DMT also offers an Online Stocks and Shares ISA, providing a tax-efficient opportunity to shelter your investments from capital gains and tax on income. The current allowance in the 2017/2018 tax year that can be invested into an ISA is £20,000. To find out more about a Stocks & Shares ISA please click here.