Online Share Dealing

Traditionally the only way to trade stocks was through a stockbroker. However the development of the Internet has changed the way people can trade stocks and shares opening the stock market for casual investors as opposed to simply wealthy individuals and businesses.

There are many reasons why you might consider online share dealing which are detailed below:

  • Cost

    Brokers traditionally charge several fees for their services including a brokerage fee. Online trading allows you pay a simple flat rate for each transaction which is far less expensive by comparison.

  • Control

    Traditionally one of the biggest complaints of stock brokerages is that potential investments can be prevented if the broker deems the trade a poor investment. Online trading helps cut out the middleman leaving you in charge of trading the stocks you want to.

  • No minimum trade allotment

    A broker usually requires a minimum trade allotment stopping individuals from making single trades for low sums. Online trading allows you to trade any volume of investments you want to.

  • No experience required

    You do not require any formal educations of experience to trade stocks online. By doing your own research and making your own decisions you can make money from online share trading from day one.

The stock market has moved forward from the archaic days of Wall Street Suits using multiple telephones to trade shares. The Internet has helped take back the control from the hands of the brokers and put it back into yours, the individual.