Rate Card

Commission & Charges

Agency Commission – All UK Equities except Government Stocks

  • Minimum Commission £10 per Trade.
  • Our Custodian will charge (to cover costs) £25 each time settlement is not fulfilled, within one day after its due date, in addition to interest charges on overdue amounts, including a trade that will be settled by way of a Certificate and we do not receive that Certificate.
  • Invalid stock rejection from Registrars £25.
    (Stock Certificates deposited by you that are rejected by Registrars as invalid will incur this administration charge per rejected stock).
  • Withdrawal of Share Certificates will incur an additional charge of £10 + VAT (Requests to withdraw shares from electronic holding at Jarvis back to you as a Certificate will incur this additional charge).
  • Internal Stock Transfer (Advisory to Online accounts) – £10 + VAT per item.
    (Transfer of stock between accounts at DMT held via Jarvis).
  • Transfer of holdings to other institutions – £10 + VAT per item.
  • Transfer of foreign holdings outside of Crest via Agent £40 per item.
  • Overseas market listed share certificate deposit £50 per line of stock.
  • Stamp Duty – UK Equities 0.5% on all purchases. Irish Equities 1%. Different rates may apply to other Foreign Market listed shares.
  • Cheque withdrawal fee (paying surplus cash back to client) = £15 + VAT
  • BACS transfer fee £15 + VAT
  • Chaps transfer fee £25 + VAT
  • PTM Levy – Panel of Takeovers & Mergers Levy – £1.00 on all transactions of £10,000 and over for UK Equities.