At the heart of our approach to investment is understanding the investment goals of our clients and their appetite for risk, which is why we place an emphasis on developing relationships. We recognise that the investment knowledge, time, objectives, and risk appetite will be different with all clients, which is why our service is geared towards a personal understanding and approach.

We believe in transparency, simplicity, and clarity, which is why our investment advice is supported by research notes outlining the fundamental and, where appropriate, technical analysis behind investment decisions.

Direct Market Touch is pleased to offer the following services to clients:

Online Share Dealing

Our online share dealing service offers investors a straightforward, flexible, low cost platform through which to invest.

The benefits of the DMT online share dealing service:

  • Low cost share dealing at £10 per trade

    No matter the size of your trade, the cost remains unchanged.

  • No inactivity or maintenance charges

    Giving you the comfort of only trading when you want, without suffering any hidden charges or penalties.

  • No compliance charges or setup costs

    We handle all the paperwork

  • Access to the client-only DMT research hub

    Read regular research notes on investment ideas, market commentary, and investment tutorials, only available to clients of DMT.

  • Price Improvement Service

    Our platform will identify the best price on your trade by assessing the prices of a wide number of up to 30 market makers.

  • UK, North American and European Share Dealing

    Trade in thousands of securities from national and international markets.

  • Fund your account by debit card or cheque

    A straightforward way to fund your account.

International Shares

For those investors seeking diversification away from UK based equities, an international share dealing account should be appealing. A DMT international share dealing account gives you the opportunity to invest in Companies on nine different international markets, providing you the opportunity to invest in fledgling and established companies worldwide.

International Share Dealing Allows You To:

  • Develop a geographically diversified portfolio through investing in nine different international markets.
  • Gain exposure to countries at different stages of their economic lifecycle, from emerging economies to mature, established ones.
  • Hedge your portfolio through foreign exchange exposure, suitable for experienced investors with an understanding of currency fluctuation.
  • Extend your trading opportunities beyond UK market hours through trading markets around the clock.
  • Choose from a wider pool of companies to invest in that those listed on the London markets.

Advisory Portfolio Management

With the DMT Advisory Service, our team are on hand to offer you investment advice on your portfolio, but the final decision on investments and how your portfolio is structured remains with you.

  • A personal, dedicated investment manager

    Who understands your investment objectives, your appetite for risk, and who will be pro-active with recommendations and suggestions to achieve your goals.

  • An annual review, in person, or by our in-house analysts

    We welcome our advisory clients to meet their individual investment manager for an annual review of their portfolio. Alternatively, your portfolio can be reviewed by one of our analysts who will provide you with a detailed report over e-mail or through the post.

  • No inactivity or maintenance charges

    Giving you the comfort of only trading when you want, without suffering any hidden charges or penalties.

IPOs & Share Offers

DMT plays an active role in the IPO arena, having participated in a significant number of successful IPOs. We publish client-only research notes on IPOs, undertaking thorough due diligence on the investment opportunity, and providing a detailed appraisal with a clear recommendation supported by fundamental analysis.

Our Due Diligence On IPOs Includes:

  • Analysis of the fundamentals through looking at key metrics such as the earnings multiple, return on capital employed (ROCE), and margins.
  • Balance sheet analysis, assessing metrics such as gearing, net current liabilities, net assets, and unique assets that could appreciate in value such as properties etc…
  • Assessment of key management, looking at their past performance, time commitments, how their personal interests are aligned with shareholders…
  • Peer group analysis, assessing how competitors are performing, and how their share prices have performed.

ISA Account

An Individual Savings Account, more commonly known as an ISA, is a tax-efficient opportunity to shelter your savings and investments from both capital gains and tax on income. The current allowance in the 2015/2016 tax year that can be invested into an ISA is £15,240, which can be through either a Stocks & Shares ISA or a Cash ISA.

Why Invest Through An ISA?

  • There is no capital gains tax or tax on any income payable with a Stocks & Shares ISA.
  • You do not need to declare ISAs on your tax return.
  • An allowance of £15,240 to invest in an ISA in the 2015/2016 tax year.
  • A Stocks & Shares ISA offers the opportunity for significantly greater returns than Cash ISAs, given the current low interest rates.
  • Used annually, the ISA allowance provides the opportunity to create a substantial investment portfolio sheltered from the taxman.
  • You can withdraw savings within an ISA whenever you need.
  • A wide variety of investments can be held within an ISA including shares in companies, unit trusts and investment funds, corporate bonds, and government bonds.


A Self Invested Personal Pension (“SIPP”) is one of the most tax-efficient ways to save for retirement and generate an income in later life. As with all pensions, a SIPP offers tax relief of up to 45% on contributions, coupled with no capital gains tax or income tax payable. There are a wide range of asset classes that can be invested in through a SIPP, offering a high degree of flexibility over asset allocation and risk.